Cal Football: 2022 DL Jaxson Moi Joins the Party

What an impact this past weekend is having

San Diego (Ca.) defensive end Jaxson Moi has joined the committed party from this past weekend.

247Composite Rankings: 44th strongside defensive end, 48th best California prospect

“Moi has eight Pac-12 offers, including all the California and Oregon programs. He also holds five Ivy League offers, so the academic bona fides appear to be a good match as well. Two things are working against Cal here—Moi’s dad went to USC, and Moi is very interested in Stanford.” - Avi


Here’s SGBear with the scouting report:

“Jaxson has self-reported that he’s been 6’3” for two straight years now, so he probably pretty close to finished in growing in height. However, he went from 245 pounds as a sophomore to a self-reported 260 pounds. It also appears that he’s pretty close to his maximum weight for his frame, so he’s a bit of a tweener that could either play a slightly undersized 3-technique or play a bigger version of the EDGE (DE/OLB) position as Tevin Paul did.

Jaxson just posted his junior season highlights. He has shown major growth from his sophomore year when he was more of a traditional brawler who tried to out muscle the offensive lineman. His junior tape is a three-minute study of well-honed 3-technique moves. The 3-technique requires quickness off the snap and Jaxson has it in spades. He’s shooting gaps, beating cross blocks, and nearly beating running backs to the ball. The whole highlight reel is him seemingly in his opponent’s backfield. He helps himself out with some pretty nifty swim moves and good footwork to avoid getting tied up on the line. He’s also a plus athlete, tipping balls via leaping, running back fumbles, and moving with great effort to the whistle. He is a serious stud. It’s extra impressive knowing that this is only from five games. And extra points for shunning the focused Stanfurd scholarship offer.

I love what I see. What do you see?”

Welcome to Berkeley, Jaxson!