A moment to listen, and learn, and get better

Because the present reality is so far away from good enough

I’ve been struggling for days trying to decide what to put in this space. Even IF sports around the country weren’t shut down, everything that has happened in this country and is happening right now in this country would overshadow everything else. Protests in reaction to the police murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are too important to be ignored.

Some may object that this is off-topic, political, or otherwise unnecessary on this website. To a certain extent, I wouldn’t really blame somebody for wanting to block out the outside world right now.

But if you’re a Cal fan, then you must surely know that the people that have been the source of so much entertainment to us are hurting right now. They don’t have the option of ignoring the problem of police violence and biased law enforcement practices. If you cared about Shareef and Layshia and DeSean when they wore the blue and gold, you owe it to them to listen and understand their experiences.

It isn’t the responsibility of black Americans to open the eyes of their fellow citizens, and it isn’t their responsibility to express their pain publicly. But I think that it is our responsibility to listen and learn from those who do, so that we can advocate for a better future in this country.

Everything below only begins to touch the surface of reactions from Cal’s black athletes, past and present, to say nothing of reactions from the greater Cal academic community. If you have something worth sharing, please add a link in the comments.

Since this is an inherently political subject, we’re going to be exercising more judicious moderation in the comments. Please be respectful.

Charmin Smith

Jaylen Brown

Talia Caldwell

Shareef Abdur-Rahim

Rod Benson

Layshia Clarendon

Desean Jackson

Remember how far we’ve come. But don’t forget what we’ve been thru. Remain silent isn’t a option ✊🏾
May 31, 2020

Justin Forsett

Paris Austin

De’Zhon Grace

Traveon Beck

Darius Allensworth

Stephen Anderson