Analysis: The 2021 Cal Football Roster Updated

Pre-Fall Camp Measurements are in

With the media day today and the fall camp coming in next week we finally have a new fall roster.

Here are some errata for the breakdown of the roster:

And now for the breakdown for the 2021 Fall Roster vis-a-vis the 2020 Fall Roster.

  • As noted before due to an error both Femi Oladeyo and Ieremia Ieremia (formerly Ieremia Moore) were left off the roster sheet.

  • Jermaine Terry is 270 lbs which is a lot for a TE, which could be a source of worry since more weight could mean more pressure on joints and ligaments.

  • All 3 OLs are already coming in a playing weight for the scheme at +300 lbs. The 2 DEs are coming in at near ideal playing weight for the 3-4 DE, and 3 WRs coming in at 200 lbs.

    This is a sign of the recruiting coming in strong in hidden ways, instead of waiting for the recruits to grow into their frames many of them come in ready to contribute boosting depth and letting them develop.