Announcing the 2020 College Football Schedule

All Pac-12 North teams and Arizona State, while potentially missing the two LA schools.

The Pac-12 has released the 2020 Football schedule—well, the third version of the 2020 Football schedule.

It is being reported that all of the games will be broadcast nationally—none will be on the Pac-12 Network for another sad dagger in the network. Also, there is only one game that has been announced for a 9 a.m. PT kick-off, which will be Week 1’s contest between Arizona State and USC.

And now, what we’re all here for—Cal’s 2020 schedule is:

  • November 7: vs. Washington

  • November 14: at Arizona State

  • November 21: at Oregon State

  • Friday November 27: vs. Stanfurd

  • December 5: vs. Oregon

  • December 12: at Washington State

  • December 19: against TBD Pac-12 South team

The first thing that stands out in Cal’s schedule is no scheduled games against one of the Los Angeles schools, meaning the potential ends of our long streaks of games against them and the Joe Roth Memorial Game. We may end up playing one of them on December 19, when the plan is for the Pac-12 North to play the Pac-12 South as determined by divisional seeding.

The Pac-12 South team we ended up scheduling is Arizona State, which is looking to be one of the tougher teams in the South. My instareaction is that one of the Los Angeles schools would have been better for Cal culture and community while Arizona, Colorado, and (in my opinion) Utah would have been better for our win-loss record—Arizona State might have been my least-preferred option.

After years of slapfighting and hand-wringing about the Big Game not closing the regular season so it wouldn’t be a post-Thanksgiving game (in order to preserve Big Game Week traditions), the Big Game will be a post-Thanksgiving game… and yet not close the regular season. Not only will it be on Thanksgiving week, but it’s a Friday game—meaning the day after Thanksgiving.

Per current guidelines, fans will not be allowed to spectate any of these games, alhtough that “will be revisited by the Pac-12 in January” pending progression of the virus (H/T to reader blindspot for pointing that out). Let’s see how many of these games we actually get to play and how many get cancelled due to COVID-19.