AP welcomes the Pac-12 back to the Top 25, but are they back to loving Cal?

Cal earned preseason football ranking love, but got bumped after COVID inactivity.

In an unorthodox season, the preseason AP Top 25 poll had six Pac-12 teams ranked. California was the lowest-ranked of the six, earning 11 points for the #37 ranking.

Immediately after, the Pac-12 (and other conferences that were postponing their seasons due to the coronavirus) were disqualified from the polls. With football back on the schedule, our teams have re-earned eligibility in the AP Top 25 (but not in the Coaches Poll). This new influx of teams (coupled with some upsets) have caused some re-shuffling.

In the latest poll, California has lost all votes and recognition. In fact, all of the Pac-12 teams lost a huge number of votes and dropped considerably.

  • Oregon: 9th (1119 points) → 14th (651 points)

  • USC: 17th (534 points) → 29th (104 points)

  • Utah: 22nd (211 points) → 35th (14 points)

  • Arizona State: 29th (66 points) → unranked

  • Washington: 33rd (21 points) → 41st (4 points)

  • California: 37th (11 points) → unranked

With more than a month until California is set to take the field, this will probably be the last poll update here for awhile.