Arizona moves on from Sean Miller

Expected but late move.

The Wildcats finally made the move after years of speculation stemming from the 2017 FBI probe into corruption and bribery in College Basketball. Miller first joined the Wildcats in 2009, and during his 12-year tenure, they won 5 Pac-12 Championships and went to 7 NCAA tournaments with 3 Elite Eight runs. The Wildcats self-imposed a postseason ban for this past season and then was hit with multiple violations by the NCAA last month.

"We're evaluating the overall position of the program, and that includes on-court and off-court elements,'' Heeke said. "When you step back and evaluate where the program is, we have incredibly high standards to have success on and off the court. We evaluated it and we decided at this time it's the appropriate time to make a change so we can restore and rebuild the overall status of this world-class basketball program.''

Some early names for the running include University of Pacific HC Damon Stoudemire, Lakers assistant Miles Simon, Gonzaga assistant Tommy Floyd, Georgia Tech HC Josh Pastner, BYU HC Mark Pope, and Arkansas HC Eric Mussleman.