Was the last time we rushed the field in Memorial when we beat Texas?

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Which of you guys think we need to name our new OC and OL coaches before the transfer portal opens to keep as many current players on our team from transferring out? Would be best if that is published next week.

The transfer portal opens on Dec. 6 of this year. It will open for 45 days and agin for a shorter period a few months later. Here is a somewhat detailed description of the rules for that.


My initial take is that we don't need to announce our new coaches on Dec. 6 of even something close to that, since the date a player entering the portal does not provide any limitation as to when a player can transfer to another school after entering it. Actually, it might be worthwhile for a player to delay any transfers out within the portal until after seeing who has already done that and, undoubtedly, a player can revoke his transferring into the portal, though I don't know the rules on that. Just my two cents after skimming the rules. Obviously, I have zero experience in this area. Probable plenty of different opinions on these and other subjects.

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