Rank the best Cal football games of the past decade!

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Here are your obvious nominees. If we missed any feel free to add!

  • 2012 UCLA: We thought Jeff Tedford had found a way to turn it around! Alas.

  • 2014 Northwestern: Where a head coach credited the bloggers for the win.

  • 2014 Colorado: The madness of #drop50 culture hit a fever pitch.

  • 2014 Washington State: Two kickoff returns were returned for a TD in a row.

  • 2015 Texas: “OH F—K. OH F—K. OH F—K"

  • 2015 Arizona State: The send-off for the Jared Goff era.

  • 2016 Texas: Sweeping Texas might be the program highlight.

  • 2016 Utah: Arguably the most improbable finish in Cal history.

  • 2016 Oregon: This lousy year sure had some memorable games.

  • 2017 North Carolina: The Justin Wilcox debut was slamming!

  • 2017 Washington State: The AQI Bowl.

  • 2018 Washington: Cal didn’t score an offensive touchdown in this game.

  • 2018 USC: Honestly the only game Cal has ever played against USC.

  • 2018 Cheez-it Bowl: Sickos in the window, you all are.

  • 2019 Washington: “Are you Cal, god of hammers?”

  • 2019 Ole Miss: When Chase Garbers decided to level up.

  • 2019 Big Game: Huh, it’s a mystery where this game will end up on our final list.