Cal Basketball 2020 Scouting: Jarred Hyder

Sit one. Play 3.

Today we scout out one of the three transfers into the Cal program for the upcoming season.

Jarred Hyder.

Quick Bio: 6-foot-3 Combo Guard transfer from Fresno State. Originally from Damien HS and San Bernardino, California. Was ranked as a 3-star prospect in the class of 2019 and the 41st best prospect in the state of California. He held offers from Fresno State, Fordham, Hawaii, Loyola Marymount, Saint Louis, UC Davis, Santa Clara, and Washington State. His older brother CJ Hyder is a rising senior on Fresno State. Will sit one to play 3.

Let’s take a look at his Plus Minus.

Plus: Scoring spark

It’s clear that Hyder has a knack for scoring along with the ability to heat up quickly on the field. Just take a look at his play against the then-13th-ranked San Diego State Aztecs. Hyder dropped 23 points off the bench with 12 points in the first half and 11 in the second. The caveat here is that he played 37 minutes off the bench.

He made some tough shots in the game and was the only scoring option from the perimeter for the Bulldogs in the game. 3PT shots off the bounce, off of ball screens, going downhill and attacking the rim. I would project him with the skill set to be a secondary ball-handler and the off-ball guard next to Joel Brown down the line.

Plus: Shooting from beyond the arc

Hyder has NBA shooting distance. Just watch the shot at the :40 mark and the shot at the 1:30 mark. Hyder has the confidence to shoot it from deep, taking 96 shots from 3PT range this season and knocking them down at a clip of 30.2%. That would have put him at 3rd on the Cal team for attempts behind Matt Bradley and Kareem South, but 4th in percentage (at least 80 attempted 3s) behind Bradley, South, and Anticevich. I would project him to be a solid shooter from beyond the arc for this Bears team.

Minus: Shooting Form

One thing to watch is that Hyder has a bit of a leg kick when shooting but his feet are set when he starts the jump. I doubt it affects his game too much, but something to watch for if he starts to take unbalanced shots. He also shoots from in front of his body on his setup. The style takes longer to shoot and also risks the ball being shown too much to the defender for a steal or block opportunity.

Plus: Floor Awareness and finesse

Hyder has a great sense of where the opposing team is on the court and the ability to move away from them in the half-court or on the fast break. He’s a smooth athlete that gets through traffic and away from defenders, but doesn’t look to wow with bursts of speed and bounce. He’s also been tested against some top tier athletes while at Fresno State, so we can expect this skill to transition nicely into Pac-12 play.

Hyder looks to be a solid role player for the Bears moving forward and has a skill set that can work as an off-ball starter or the leader of the second unit. We won’t get to see his play at Haas until the 2021 season, but he should be a solid addition to the roster in a year’s time.