Nominate your Cal basketball game of the decade

How did Cal basketball treat you in the 2010s?

We know the decade ended a year ago, but who wants to remember 2020 anyway? Let’s talk the greatest Cal men’s and women’s basketball games of the 2010s!

We went through our Cal football game nomination process last week, now let’s stroll through Cal hoops!

We want to hear from you! What are the basketball games that enter your mind as the best of the decade for our Golden Bears?

Nominate one great Cal basketball game (men’s or women’s) you care the most about in one comment, and explain why you nominated that game. Later this offseason, we’ll release our top 10 list and include your submissions in our posts!

My early candidate is this thumping rebuke of the Landry Fields reign of terror. Long live the Max Zhang era.

We should note that if you nominate one basketball game from the Wyking Jones era, you will not be allowed to comment on this site ever again.