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Congratulations on getting the degree.

Can he grad transfer and play on a different team during the same season?

Can't he finish this season with Cal? If we have injuries or Covid to other CB, we would need him.

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Best of luck to such a hard worker. It's gotta be tough putting in the work everyone else is but not getting on the field. I wish him the very best.

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Best of luck to him, he just got over recruited. I'm sure we will see other kids follow him out, just the first domino to fall.

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I was wondering what had happened to him. Did Young jump him on the depth chart?

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The "I just want to play ball" tweet is from 2020. Written on the day the season opener vs Washington was canceled due to Covid. Had nothing at all to do with this season or his playing time.

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It's too bad - I really though Chiggy was on track to be one of the next takes with the way he started his career and his sophomore year - but he just got passed on the depth chart by a bunch of guys, and especially Lu-Magia.

Best of luck Chiggy - I still believe in you.

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11/30/21 update: number of folks in transfer portal (all are immediately eligible for transfer, either as grads or red shirt freshmen). Asterisks denote that their season (not including bowls) are not finished yet (ie, logically, one might expect guys to enter portal after their last game of season):

Arizona: 5

ASU: 4

Cal*: 1

CU: 6

Oregon*: 2

OSU: 3

Stanfurd: 3


USC*: 2

Utah*: 3

UW: 4

WSU: 5

Source: 247Sports.

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