Cal Football 2021 Fall Camp: Notebook 7

It's the final countdown

The next time anybody sees these guys, it will be on the field on September 4th at 7:30 PM against Nevada. So let’s try and make the most of this notebook today that is all about drives, red zone drives, and touchdowns.

  • Red Zone drives. All touchdowns for the offense.

  • Chase Garbers had a toss to Nikko Remigio for a 20 yard TD. Ryan Glover to Mason Mangum for a 20 yard TD. Kai Millner to Jeremiah Hunter for a 15 yard TD. Ashton Stredick with a rushing TD. Marcel Dancy with a rushing TD. Kai Millner to Mavin Anderson for the TD on 4th down. What. A. day.

  • Coach Wilcox mentioned in his presser that many guys were being held to give other guys the snaps they needed. So the talking points you see here doesn’t mean other guys are injured or moving up the depth chart per se. Just letting you guys know so you don’t get ahead and read too much into the players that I am talking about or am not talking about.

  • Chase Garbers started his first drive with a 3&Out. Muelu Iosefa got the sack to close out the drive.

  • Chase put together a solid touchdown drive finishing off with a TD throw to Monroe Young in the endzone. 9 plays, 43 yards and a touchdown with no penalties. Arguably the most complete drive of the day.

  • Colin Moore had the highlight play of the drive after a shovel pass from Chase, he turned upfield and met Raymond Woodie and trucked him to gain a few more yards. Woodie responded to that on the next play with a sack off a safety blitz. One of the most impressive timed runs I’ve seen from the safety spot to get a jump on the snap.

  • Chase’s next drive was 9 plays culminating in a made Fied Goal attempt. He converted two 3rd downs to get the ball into scoring range. Trevon Clark had a shot right before the field goal attempt, but could not disengage from the DB in time to get both hands on the ball.

  • Chase’s following drive was cut short after a Ben Coleman false start backed up the bears and then was sacked on third down by Jaedon Roberts and Darius Long.

  • Chase would get a 2-minute drill: 8 Plays, 28 yards and ending in a made field goal.

  • Zach Johnson’s first drive only lasted 5 plays due to a holding call and a false start that backed up the drive. It resulted in a net negative drive before ending.

  • Ryan Glover had a superb first drive. 11 plays which ended in a 3 yard touchdown run from Chris Street. They converted two 3rd downs and a 4th down in the drive, granted the 4th down was due to a PI called on the defense.

  • Ryan Glover also went 3&Out after a holding call brought the ball back early in the drive. Collin Gamble again got a PBU on 3rd down which was played out after what I saw was a sack by Orin Patu.

  • Ryan Glover followed up with a 3&Out. Darius Long finished the 3&Out drive with a sack.

  • In a 2 minute drill attempt, Ryan Glover went 4&Out after being sacked twice on the drive, once by OLB Braxten Croteau, and once by DE Derek Wilkins to force 4th down and Collin Gamble almost picked it off on 4th down but could not get underneath the ball quick enough.

  • Kai Millner’s drive allowed them to play out the full drive until a turnover on downs. He converted one 4th down and the second 4th down conversion attempt was broken up by CB Isaiah Young.

  • Kai Millner started his drive with an absolute bomb to Tommy Christiakos for 45 yards to get to the red zone, but threw a pick into double coverage on the very next play. (* sidenote: I saw it as Collin Gamble with the pick, but it was actually Tyson McWilliams. Corrected by Cal Video Producer Jim Plain. The videographer saw it all! Tip of the hat to Jim!)

  • Kai Millner would follow up with a 3&Out and a 4&Out. Dejuan Butler started off the 3&Out with a sack, then the offense could not gain enough yards back to convert. The offense would go for it on the 4&Out but the pass was into a mixup between the two WR and DBs where no one would even see the ball.

And that’s it from me. The last day of open practice. 2 weeks. Season Opener. We go!

California Rising.

P.S. I’ll be around in the comments to answer any questions, but if you want the audio version of my takes of camp before today’s practice go and listen to the most recent episode of the Golden Bearcast on any podcast service!