Cal Football 2021 Spring Football Roster Up

It begins, welcome to the dawn of what will be the 2021 Cal Football Season

Like the first birdsong from the window or the melting snowbanks, the coming of the Spring Football Roster is the harbinger of a new season.

In this edition, we don’t really see many changes from the 2020 Football Roster. The new early enrollee faces are:

  • #28 Kaleb Higgins, CB

  • #31 Hunter Barth, S

  • #42 Nate Rutchena, ILB

  • #44 Patrick Hisatake, OLB

  • #70 Ryan Lange, OL

  • #76 Bastian Swinney, OL

  • #87 Jermaine Terry, TE

  • #95 Akili Calhoun, DE

From that list, on the measurables side, it is worth noting that Patrick Hisatake comes in at 255 lbs which is 5 lbs shy of Braxten Croteaux of the big OLB body type in our defense. Ryan Lange immediately ties our largest two OL at 335 lbs, and Jermaine Terry comes in at 275 lbs which is heavy for a TE (the next heaviest TEs are Elijah Mojarro and Collin Moore at 250 lbs).

Other notes on the weighings and measurements of some of our presumptive starters:

  • Kekoa Crawford added 15 lbs to go to 195 lbs, added weight could help with staying healthy.

  • Stanley McKenzie added 15 lbs to go up to 325 lbs, which is optimal NG weight.

  • BRETT JOHNSON has joined the 300 lbs club after adding 10 lbs ( I presume more chicken pot-pies).

  • Cam Goode also added 10 lbs to go up to 245 lbs. Let’s hope this added weight won’t affect his trademark explosiveness.

  • Nikko Remigio gained another 10 lbs to go up to 195 lbs, (came into Cal at 170 lbs.)

  • Trey Paster and Chris Woodson both gained 10 lbs, the former going up to 225 lbs, and the latter to 205 lbs. Both very good safety weights (STAR and FS)

  • Aaron Maldonado lost 10 lbs, and Ricky Correa lost 15lbs, both NGs will now play at 275 and 350 respectively. Maldonado being a tad too light for the NG position.

Otherwise, all the players who we expected to return are returning with few changes to their positional designation

  • Brett Johnson stays at DL and Eric Nisch is added

  • Tommy Christakos is no longer a KO

No hints yet as to who will be the next DB coach.