Not on point, but this is the most recent W4C football article.

Want to ask a non-Cal football question.


The above play, early in the second half, should obviously have been called pass interference, but only the refs could have called it. What I want to know is whether giving coaches one or two chances in a game (maybe one each half with no carryover if one is not used in the first half) to allow a coach to ask for a review of a call (or no call) to overturn the call (or no call) of the official on a certain aspect of a play (though how that should be done, in terms of the description that should be required, could be tricky).

Downside to my proposal is that is slows the game. But I think most fans would approve of this rule change. What do you think?

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RR II is a BEAST!!!! Would love to have him running up the middle!

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