Cal Football Spring Practice: Day 10

Collin Gamble could start in the fall, and Kuony Deng isn't focusing at ILB

With ten spring practices complete now, some players on the Bears are starting to emerge out of the middle of the depth chart into the forefront of the starters.

CB Collin Gamble is one of those players who keeps getting mentioned as a future Bear star. Gamble has repeatedly shown up practicing with the 1’s, both in the slot and outside, in the limited videos released by the Bears’ social media.

“[Gamble] showed up again and made a play,” said defensive coordinator Peter Sirmon after yesterday’s practice. 

S Miles Williams was another player who Sirmon made a point to highlight the mental and physical development under CBs coach Tre Watson.

“I’ve been pleased with [Williams’] progress,” said Sirmon.

LB Kuony Deng, meanwhile, appears to be a threat to take a starting role at outside linebacker. 

“We’re devoting him primarily to the outside right now,” said Sirmon. Deng is a player who’d be a starter no matter where he ends up on the depth chart.

With regards to the defensive spring early enrollees (CB Kaleb Higgins, S Raymond Woodie, S Hunter Barth, DE Akili Calhoun, LB Patrick Hisatake, and LB Nate Rutchena), Sirmon had praise for them all. He sais that the main goal for most of them is getting in the weight room and getting their nutrition right with strength coach Brian Johnson.

Someone who can take a break from the weight room is DL Brett Johnson. Sirmon says that, scheme-wise, Johnson could line up anywhere from 2- to 6-technique this year.

In the pass rush, Sirmon thinks that NGs Stanley McKenzie and Ricky Correia could line up at the 1- or 3- techniques.

“Stanley’s had some good reps, Ricky’s had some good reps,” said Sirmon.

Today, the Bears will hold another scrimmage similar to the one held last Saturday.