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Thank you Rob. Sounds like a solid addition...not much of a shooter, but looks like he can get to the tin and run an offense...good insurance if Askew has to sit, as expected.

There are rumblings that DJ Thorpe is going to retire for medical reasons, leaving Lars Thiemann and incoming FR ND Okafor as the ONLY post options...does anyone else find this to be a major issue?

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Nice pick up

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Clayton's stats.


Seems in '22 and '18 he did not play in enough games to use up his eligibility, but I thought college basketball didn't have a minimum games rule in using up eligibility like football. But only way I can guess he has enough eligibility, which I'm sure, somehow, he does. '21 was the Covid year, I think.

Not a good three point shooter, but otherwise he shooting percentage is good.

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