Cal Women's Basketball postpones five games due to "COVID-19 developments"

The winless Bears postpone all games for the next two weeks.

It’s been a rough season for the California Women’s Basketball team (0–11 overall, 0–7 Pac-12), but things have just gotten worse.

The first news of an internal coronavirus problem was announced with the postponement of a road game at Utah one day before tip-off. Then, Cal Athletics announced the postponement of four more games.

The last of these postponed games—a game at Washington State originally scheduled for January 31—will give the Bears two weeks to isolate and quarantine as we have appear to have at least on positive coronavirus case “within our program”. California was most recently at Boulder for a game against Colorado.

It’s already been a tough season for Charmin Smith. After leading the Bears to a 12–19 record in her first year as head coach last year, we’re currently languishing winlessly at 0–11. In our last four games, Cal has been outscored by a combined margin of 273–177 (or an average score of 68.25–44.25); the program’s last win was a four-point victory over Arizona State on March 5, 2020. We’ve seen an uncanny streak of bad luck with injuries to our guards this year and now have “COVID-19 developments” to deal with on top of that.