Cal Football Update: Camryn Bynum posts a picture in a knee brace with crutches...

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Update: After asking the athletic department for comment, Write for California was informed that Cam Bynum would have been added to the injury list they have provided for student-athletes out for the remainder of the spring had spring practice continued and is expected to return for the beginning of the 2020 season. 

2020—and March, in particular—aren’t exactly going well for anyone. So we might have some more bad news. (Credit to reader @_urbb for the tip.)

God truly has an amazing way of giving us wake up calls. Temporarily losing the game and the grind I love is a test of faith that I will not fail. This is reminding me to always be thankful for the smallest things that seem so secure even though they aren’t. Being so deep into my grind and putting in so much work I felt like I was invincible and now I am forced to sit back and really reflect on it all and be thankful for being able to freely perfect my craft. Achieving greatness has a great cost, but I’m willing to pay. Greatness reschedules your plans for you, will put you in some deep dark holes, and demands everything out of you. I’m crazy and I absolutely LOVE adversity because I’m obsessed with the process more than anything. I’m thankful to God for this because like Job 2:10 says, should we accept good from God and not accept adversity? It’s a blessing because all of this is building a new relentless hunger into my DNA that I wouldn’t trade for anything. The Movie/Marathon Continues 🎥🐍🏁 MambaMentality.
And a special thanks to my mom for driving up from SoCal to be my caretaker for a couple days and never failing to be there for all 5 of her kids. I love you! 💙
March 14, 2020

Camryn Bynum posted a picture on Instagram of him in a knee brace on crutches outside of a Sutter medical facility. There’s no definitive statement from Bynum—not even the beloved “lower-body injury” line—but includes language like “[t]emporarily losing” football. Let’s hope this is nothing more than a minor setback for Bynum, who is set to be a key player and a star on the 2020 team.

We have reached out to the athletic department and will include a statement when we receive one.