Collin Morikawa takes on Jimmy Fallon in Mario Golf

Cal alum Collin Morikawa announces his upcoming participation of the Tokyo Olympics on the Tonight Show on Thursday night

It is not quite Conan O’Brien playing Mortal Kombat X with Marshawn Lynch, but Collin Morikawa went on the Tonight Show on Thursday to both promote the Tokyo Olympic Games as one of the recently announced USA Olympian for Men’s Golf and to challenge host Jimmy Fallon in a game of Mario Golf: Super Rush on Nintendo Switch. Check out their three-hole match below.

Morikawa as Yoshi took on Fallon as Mario in this speed golf that has some element of Mario Kart thrown in. Fallon conceded the match on the third hole after Morikawa made a birdie. I am not entirely sure that Fallon had lost the game based on him winning the first two holes, but I am also no “e-golfing” expert.

Of course, the most monumental event of this past Thursday night in the world of late-night talk shows was the last episode of Conan. In honor of that (I have watched way more Conan than Fallon anyhow…mainly due to how I have stopped watching late-night talk shows at some point), I have embedded the clip of Conan O’Brien watching Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski playing Mortal Kombat below. Unfortunately, this video is age-restricted, so you would need to click the “Watch on YouTube” link to watch it or via Facebook here.

On rewatch of this iconic clip, I was reminded that Marshawn’s favorite Mario character is Toad. I would certainly pay money to watch a Mario Kart race with Marshawn as Toad versus Collin Morikawa as Yoshi. Cal Athletics needs to set that up as a fund-raiser Pay-Per-View event, maybe with the additional participation of a Cal eSports pro or two.