Crowning the second-best mascot of the Pac-12

Bueller? Bueller?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve asked you to vote for California to select which Pac-12 mascot is best capable of holding Oski’s jock.

The finals featured our two top seeds—#1 Ralphie vs. #2 The Duck. Ralphie has been pretty dominant throughout this whole process, but the Duck… served as barely any resistance. This was the closest match-up for Ralphie, but she still captured over 70% of the votes. I can’t even fathom how differently the tournament would have gone if instead of the rambunctious Ralphie, I went with the costumed Chip—whose biggest claim to fame is taking shots from a T-shirt gun to his crotch.

Here’s the full bracket:

Our tourney MVP might just be Harry the Husky. After inauspiciously starting the process by losing a tiebreaker for seed determination, he earned the much-coveted (for Cal fans) match-up against the Tree. But his coolest contributions to the tournament came by luck of the draw as he faced his two real-life rivals—the first being an upset victory in the Apple Cup and the second being a roller-coaster contest against the Duck.

Kudos to Ralphie for how she stampeded through the entire contest—you may never be as good as Oski, but second-place isn’t that bad.