Daily Bear Dump: 3/2/20

Come in! Make yourself comfortable!

For many of our longtime readers, an explanation of the Daily Bear Dumb (DBD) is unnecessary - it’s been a community-driven feature of CGB as soon as the move to SBNation back in 2008. But for the uninitiated, the DBD was created as a space for the community to talk about, well, whatever the hell they might want to talk about (within our community guidelines, of course). This is a great place to share links, meet new Cal fan friends, and plot our inevitable reconquer of Write For California North.

Because the DBD has always been community-drive, we’ll do all we can to adapt the DBD to the new environment here at W4C. That means we’ll make sure there’s a new DBD up each weekday for as long as this community gets value in having a dedicated space for conversation and/or work avoidance.

Like, perhaps you’d like to use this place to discuss how Princeton students are too dumb to just accept their extraordinary and undeserved good luck to be graced with Marshawn’s presence.