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Hi guys! Been a while. I'm in DFW and thought I'd share some trip tips:

Here comes my post in multiple sections:

Texas Travel Tips

What to eat in DFW

What to do in DFW

Misc. Extra Information

A lot of these may repeat for next year's game at UNT, which is 40 minutes North of TCU.

Texas Travel Tips

Welcome back to the land of plastic bags and Styrofoam to go containers!

-Allergies are a thing out here. Even if you don't believe you have allergies, bring some Claritin with you. There's all sorts of seasonal allergies that will literally kick the snot out of you. (I once lost hearing in my right ear after my ear canal was too congested)

-Very little of the population here will be wearing masks outdoors. Most don't wear masks indoors either.

-Trucks have no minimum speed limit and will be in passing lanes going 70+ mph.

-If you're renting a car, be sure to check your rental car policy for toll charges. A lot of the highways are tollways (including the one that runs straight through DFW airport).

-There are Walmart and Target and Kroger stores aplenty if you need anything. And yes, Walmart is not bad out here relative to the Bay Area.

-Go to Buc'Ees

What to eat in DFW

Do not expect to be able to comply with any kind of healthy diet while out here.

You're in Texas and will likely want to try the BBQ and Tex Mex. (I really don't like Tex Mex.. but I'll share it anyway). You'll find most of the Texas taste is a bit more salty/greasy than the fresh ingredient stuff from the Bay Area. I'll split this up by geographical area. If you're really going all out for solid BBQ: https://www.texasmonthly.com/food/the-list-the-top-50-barbecue-joints-in-texas/

Downtown Fort Worth

-BBQ: Coopers, Heim, Smileys, Panther City

AVOID Dickeys do not go there

-Fried Chicken: Babe's

-Steakhouse: Perry's

-Asian: ha... very little Asian options. Gotta go East to Haltom City for good Viet food.

-Breakfast: Ol' South Pancake House

-Tex Mex: Joe T Garcias

-Because you can: Whataburger (love it or hate it - it's everything Burger King could be if it maximized its potential)

Far North Fort Worth (near Texas Motor Speedway)

-BBQ: 407 BBQ (they have a gun range too if you want Bullets and BBQ)

-Buc'Ees: Ever wanna see what a 100 pump gas station/convenience store/cleanest bathrooms looks like?

-Fried Chicken: Babe's again

-Downtown Roanoke has some unique food options - Soul Bird Chkn is the best chicken sandwich I've had in DFW

DFW Airport vicinity

-Deli: Weinberger's Deli in Grapevine - Chicago style deli with a really good muffuletta and italian beef sandwich (you can have it dipped in the jus too!) The people behind the counter are legit rude enough that you know it's done right

-Shake Shack in Southlake (near Southlake Carroll High School)

-Perry's Steakhouse in Southlake

Carrolton/Frisco/Plano (aka Asian food time!)

I will say this - the Korean food in DFW is great but not as good as LA. That said, I don't miss LA Korean food because of the DFW Korean food scene.

-BBQ: Hutchins or Cattleack - there may be a wait line

-Korean food: HMart plaza in Carrolton has a ton of korean food options. Personal Favorites: Ari BBQ, Arirang (AKA Ummason) for kalgooksu/best kimchi in town, Ajumma's for Soondaeguk

-Chinese: Kirin in Plano, 888 Cookhouse in Frisco, Wu Wei Din in Plano (really good noodles and dumpling spot), Hai Li Dao or Squares for Hot Pot

-Japanese: Mitsuwa in Plano

-Boba - OneZo in Carrolton - scratch made boba daily

Dallas Love Airport/Downtown Dallas

-Korean: Doma Seolleongtang, Burning92 (Korean BBQ), Komart sells bungeoppang

-Emporium Pies in Dallas

What to do in DFW

-Fort Worth Stockyards - longhorn cattle drive every day at 11:30 a.m. and 4 p.m - pretty cool sight to see. Plenty of shops and places to eat. Good place to find cowboy boots/hats. Walk around the historic train station that leads to the wild wild west or take the historic train to Downtown Grapevine!

-Watch some action at Dallas Live! (Located next to Globe Life Field and Cowboys Stadium)

Downtown Grapevine is a cool part of town to stroll and relax. There's a new food court near the train station.


-Six Flags Over Texas

-Buc'Ees (repetition build a point, yes?)

Misc. Extra Information

-Weather forecasts can often be complicated by the atmospheric dome that covers DFW. There have been times where the forecast calls for a fun sun day, but then a severe thunderstorm warning comes out of nowhere. Prepare accordingly.

-Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Humidity is a thing. It's gonna feel like you're living in Goliath's armpit.

-People are friendly here and will wave/say howdy - if they don't, they're likely from California. Don't be a stranger, say hello!

Feel free to add to the list! And a big Texan welcome to my fellow Golden Bear fans.

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