Happy Belated 4th of July

I hope you're enjoying the Summer of Cal

At the risk of bringing down hellfire and brimstone, am I the only one with an odd, unfamiliar feeling of optimism?

July 4th marks precisely two months until a full return to Memorial Stadium as the 2021 season begins. Meanwhile, summer is full of freshly minted Cal Olympians, newly committed 4 star recruits, newly agreed upon sponsorship opportunities, and the successful launch of a new initiative to support Cal athletes:

There are times when I worry that I stray too far into pessimism when it comes to Cal sports and the Cal athletic department, but for the first time in a while there’s a bit of long term hope in the air. The football team is well on their way to a second straight top 4 recruiting class in the Pac-12. Cal athletics has gotten out in front of a major change in the college sports landscape and might actually be a leader in the brave new world of NIL rights.

I hope you enjoyed a long weekend of celebration and nice weather. I hope that, like me, you’re feeling a bit of optimism about Cal sports. Congrats on making it 3/4 of the way through the college football off-season - fall camp is just around the corner!