Help us beat Stanford (and the rest of the Pac-12)

And also help a great charitable cause at the same time!

Many of you are likely familiar with the annual Every Day Should Be Saturday charity bowl. Spencer Hall, Holly Anderson, and the rest of the EDSBS crew put lots of effort into rallying the college football community to support New American Pathway, an Atlanta-based charity that helps refugees get settled and established. Things like housing, job assistance, child services, or anything else that helps lead towards self-sufficiency.

Honestly, that’s enough right there. But the extra fun? COMPETITIVE SPITE DONATIONS. The charity bowl requires you to donate on behalf of your school, ideally in a way that reveals the way in which your rival sucks (more on that below). How do you donate? Here’s the link:

Twitter avatar for @HollyAndersonHolly Anderson @HollyAnderson
💣 ‘nother quick Charity Bowl note before we really get cracking; there’s a different mobile code this year. donate via or texting Charitybowl21 to 91999. if you already donated using last year‘s mobile code, that’s fine, we got it, don’t cancel it!

And how competitive is the 2021 edition of the charity bowl? Right now Cal fans are proving who’s best in the west:

But that lead isn’t guaranteed to stick around. There are plenty of Johnny-come-lately Oregon fans, and Arizona State has a bit of a built-in advantage this year:

But good news! If you donate between now and Friday, and either tag @aguynamednam on twitter or provide proof of your donation in the comments of this article, your donations up to $2,000 will be matched by an anonymous Cal fan:

“Nick” you might ask, “can you give me some examples of how to donate in a way that maximizes humiliation of Stanford/other rivals?” FRIEND I’M GLAD YOU ASKED!

A good choice? NERD SCIENCE BURNS:

Maybe you’d prefer to highlight some notable Cal wins:

. . . like when Jahvid Best humiliated UW:

. . . or when Aaron Rodgers humiliated UW:

My first donation was a bit more personal:

But I’m considering a couple of Stanford embarrassments for donation #2 later this week:

Whether you donate $12.10 to commemorate Evan Weaver’s interception to beat UW, or $135.00 to remember a particularly brutal Cal rugby win over Stanford, there’s no wrong total. The important thing? SPITE! Just make sure to earn your picture of Spencer by Friday night, when the officially competitive portion of the charity bowl ends. DONATE BEARS!