Introducing Chancer: A New Way to Watch Cal Sports

Chancer and Write for California: a new partnership for the community!

We pride ourselves on being the best Cal community on the Internet. To help us achieve this mission, we've been on the lookout for exclusive new content and experiences to bring to the Write for California community, beginning with the upcoming college football season.

Introducing: Chancer.

We are excited to partner with Chancer to create a better gameday experience for Cal fans. Chancer is an entertaining and easy-to-use sports prediction platform for superfans.

Throughout the season, we will set up exclusive fan challenges on Chancer. The entire Write for California community, even if you aren't a Write for California Premium subscriber, can join and play for free.

The Chancer challenges include trivia and polls about your California Golden Bears. You'll be able to play along using the Chancer app on your phone or online to get in your votes, answers and choices.

The results are live, so you'll be able to play and see how you rank on the Write for California Chancer leaderboards in near real-time. We'll be giving out prizes and awards all season long!

We've started the first competition for the Nevada game already, so get to it, and join us!