Michael Saffell Medically Retires from Football

The stalwart center for the team has decided to retire

In a surprise announcement the keystone of the offense, Michael Saffell has decided to retire his statement below:

The charismatic leader of the offensive line, known for tenacity and agile play on the field and even faster wit and smarts off the field, made a tough decision to step away from the game for the sake of his health.

"Mike has been an absolute pleasure to coach and be around the last four years," Travers Family Head Football Coach Justin Wilcox added. "He embodies everything a collegiate student-athlete should be. Not only has Mike been a tremendous player on the field, but just as importantly, he has been a leader among his teammates, as well as in the classroom and the community. His medical retirement is a difficult reality for all of us and we will miss him greatly, but we fully support his decision and know that he will be hugely successful in the next chapter of his life."

On a personal note, I have always loved how Michael played center. Being able to help Ross, Chase, and Brandon make the right protection calls, block for any number of the running backs, and making the Pac-12 ILBs real miserable for the last 4 years.

Best of luck to him and on a selfish note I hope to see him as a color commentator for Cal football games for years to come. But I know he will be successful in whatever he chooses to do.