Trivia Friday: Can you pick the Cal Athletics Hall of Famer?

Some truly incredible athletes have passed through the University of California. Can you pick them when given a description of their accomplishments?


Can you pick the Cal Athletics Hall of Famer?

This week’s quiz is a little bit different in style, and will likely be much more user friendly if you happen to be on your smart phone. You will be given written descriptions of somebody who has been inducted into the Cal Athletics Hall of Fame, and you must click the name of the person being described.

On one hand, this might be a tough challenge. Few are intimately familiar with all of the different sports and eras of Cal athletics, and I picked an intentionally diverse group. On the other hand, some picks should be slam dunks and a sharp quiz taker might be able to logic out the rest if you’re not 100% sure.

Good luck!


Can you name the Cal Football Single Game Records?


I knew this would be a tougher quiz, as some of Cal’s single game records have been held for a long time by some relatively obscure names. For example, maybe it’s best that 85% of us have forgotten about how frequently Nick Harris was called upon to punt for the Tom-Holmoe-led Bears, even if those memories were seared into my 14 year old brain at the time.

Still, have so many of us forgotten Geoff McArthur’s absurd Big Game record from 2003, or Trevor Davis’ two kick return touchdowns against Washington State?

Actually, looking at the results I’m almost wondering if a decent percentage of quiz takers got frustrated with the forced-order answering rules and just quit mid-quiz, because I’m pretty confident the readers of this website know more than the results here indicate.

By the way, if any of you got all 15 correct on your first try, then congratulations and please submit your application to write for this website.