Trivia Thursday: Cal Football Single Game Records

I bet you know who has the most passing yards in a game, but can you name the famous owner of the record for most interceptions in a game?


Can you name the notable Cal individual single game records?

Many are of recent vintage, games that occurred in the last two or three decades, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t relatively obscure names. I think a 10/15 will end up being a pretty solid score this week, but I’ll wait to see the results before making any assumptions.

And there’s little bit of a twist this week - to prevent you from just willy-nilly typing names into the keyboard, this week you have to try to answer each question one-by-one. Many of these records you likely watched, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you remember!

Note - some of the records are held by multiple players. Although the quiz will only display one answer, any of the correct answers will trigger the reveal


Can you name every Cal bowl opponent, and the name of every Cal bowl game a the time the game was played?


Yes, yes you can. Perhaps unsurprisingly, everybody was pretty good about naming the sometimes obscure bowl names, though a few of the defunct names from the 80s and 90s were tougher. By the same token, certain bowl opponents from the past were very tough to come up with, particularly with the toughest answer in the entire quiz:

Yes, the intrepid Washington and Jefferson Presidents out of Western Pennsylvania, currently playing DIII, played in a Rose Bowl. The history of the team is an interesting read, but suffice to say that their Rose Bowl tie with Cal was their program high point.

Pretty much everybody was able to at least scrape a passing grade, though when entering the most famous Bowl game out there gets you 1/6th of the points available, maybe the quiz was too easy? Either way, all of you are assigned make up reading about the oft-ignored 1979 Garden State Bowl