Cal football opens as slight favorites over Stanfurd in the 123rd Big Game

Vegas thinks Cal will be the team walking out of the Big Game with one in the win column—but just by a hair

After witnessing two painful of football—and after an offseason of high hopes—it’s tough to feel hopeful about the Golden Bears.

But with our 0–2 team going up against another 0–2 team, there manages to be some optimism about California.

Per Vegas Insider, the line opened with California favored by a mere two points. In the time since, the line has moved to favoring Cal by three points. The over/under is now set at 54 points, meaning they project a 28.5–25.5 California win.

Home-field advantage is traditionally considered to be three points, so Vegas is essentially deeming these teams as equals. Blowout wins are always great, but I think we’d all take any win over Stanfurd—and keeping the Axe where it belongs—in a season like this.