Weekly Presser with Cal Football Head Coach Justin Wilcox: Bye Week

We’ll be making a simple post from the weekly press availability by Coach Wilcox, coaches, and players of their press conferences. Also, highlighting any quotes, moments, points that are of interest to the fans.


  • DL Stanley McKenzie will be out for the remainder of the season (Lower Body Injury).

  • OLB Kuony Deng is out for the foreseeable future. Hope to have him back at some point this season.

  • OL Will Craig dinged up early in the game against WSU. Tried to come back in. Worked out with the team yesterday. Considered day-to-day.

  • WR Nikko Remigio and RB DeCarlos Brooks also considered day-to-day.

  • ILB Evan Tattersall is cleared to go, was cleared to go last week as well.

  • Doesn’t blame the fan frustration, he appreciates the fact that they are, expects that, and knows it’s part of the role that he’s in. He knows the only thing he can do is to win games. “The best response is winning games. That’s the ultimate thing we can do for our fans. Winning games.”

  • On pass rush and effectiveness: Coaches are putting the best personnel they feel can do the best. They arent holding or hiding anybody back. Ultimately it’s 1-on-1 battles that need to be won in some way, shape, or form.

    I would highly recommend watching the whole press conference for better context on Coach’s answers to questions regarding performance in the WSU game along with the approach to the bye week.