Weekly Presser with Cal Football Head Coach Justin Wilcox: Vs. Colorado Buffaloes

A big week upcoming for the Bears

We’ll be making a simple post from the weekly press availability by Coach Wilcox, coaches, and players of their press conferences. Also, highlighting any quotes, moments, points that are of interest to the fans.

Key Notes

  • If Lu Hearns is ready to go he’ll be in the starting lineup. Expect him to be ready for Saturday

  • McKade Mettaur will be ready to go

  • On a key few downs late in the game: Wasn’t necessarily something Oregon did different or Cal did differently. Would rush 4 but not feel the screen and/or disengage the block to make the tackle. (I’d recommend watching from 8:27 for the full quote. It’s slightly a football nerd answer but insightful)

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