Who is the Cal football player of the decade?

Nominate the players that defined excellence for the Bears in the 2010s.

As this long season of discontent rolls along, so does our lookback at the 2010s!

Yes, there was a 2020, but if you don’t acknowledge it exists, maybe we can pretend it never happened.

The moment has come to make your submissions for the Cal football player of the decade! We have a few ideas WHICH players will make the top of this list, but our order has yet to be decided for determining the best player.

Submit a nominee in the comments section, and give us a reason as to why! We’ll include the best comments from YOU in our top player submissions posts.

In terms of ranking the best players, we’ll be considering this criteria.

  • Talent: Did they change the way teams had to gameplan for the Bears?

  • Achievement: What moments will you always remember from these players?

  • Legacy: What imprint will they leave from their time at Cal?

Any players who played from 2010-19 in a Cal uniform qualify.

Just for kicks, here would be a list of top players I’d rather step on nails on before having to watch play against Cal again.

  • QB: Kenny Guiton

  • RB: Ryan Nall

  • WR: Insert generic wide receiver from the 2013 season here.

  • TE: Name a Cal loss, you will find a tight end at the end of the rainbow.

  • Offensive linemen: Furd, in the 4th quarter, with a 7 point lead.

  • Defensive lineman: Owa Odighizuwa after being possessed by demons.

  • Secondary: The forces that consumed the 2018 Cheez-it Bowl.

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