Cal Football 2020: Pre-Washington Depth Chart

Mostly the projected line up with two surprises on both sides of the ball

The new depth chart for the offense and defense is out for the next game.

Some quick notes:

  • Valentino Daltoso is set to start at LG supplating Matt Cindric who now backs up Mike Saffell at C. With RS Freshman Rohme coming in as Will Craig’s LT back-up.

  • Colin Moore takes the edge over Jake Tonges on paper, but considering the scheme they will most likely earn comparable snaps against UW.

  • With only 2 WR spots shown, none of the True Freshmen made the list with the 4 returning 2019 WRs taking the top spots.

  • Evan Tattersall takes up the starting ILB position alongside Kuony Deng. Both flanked by Cam Goode and Braxten Croteau.

  • The depth chart shows a 3-4 base where only 2 CBs are highlighted and interestingly Josh Drayden is listed ahead of Chigozie Anusiem at DB with Cam Bynum returning to his starter spot. I think if it was a depth chart for a nickel package Drayden would’ve been moved to the nickel, but interesting how he’s ahead of Anusiem in base.

  • 5 True Freshman make the 2 deep on defense: Ethan Saunders at DE, Stanley McKenzie at NG, Muelu Iosefa at ILB, Collin Gamble at CB, and Trey Paster at S.

  • Nikko Remigio and Kekoa Crawford take up both the PR/KR spots.