Cal Football Spring Practice: Day 9

Bill Musgrave loves his players on offense, including WR Tommy Christakos

After nine spring practices, the Bears have fit themselves within the routine, and the post-practice media sessions have adopted that same California ease. Offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave was smiling throughout his interview yesterday, complimenting his players with every chance. The way he describes it, the Bears have the best offense in the conference.

The new name engraved in the minds of the Cal faithful this spring has been QB Zach Johnson, the second-year who’s rocketed to the top of any discussion on Bears’ QB play.

“He’s doing a super job,” said Musgrave. 

Perhaps notably, in a small modification from a previous statement, Musgrave said that the backup QB job would be decided “between spring and fall” rather than the competition extending through fall camp. He made sure to also praise the play at today’s practice of QBs Robby Rowell (“He looks for small numbers to run over”) and Spencer Brasch (“Spence had some really good throws”).

On the field, the Bears’ offense appeared to be humming, bolstered by a pair of second-year WRs. WR Jeremiah Hunter made a highlight reel play as he took the ankles of CB Jaylen Martin. 

“If [Hunter] wouldn’t have gotten hurt last year, he would’ve played a major role for us” as a true freshman, said Musgrave. Cal fans are dreaming of the three-headed monster in Hunter, Nikko Remigio, and Kekoa Crawford. 

From our restricted perspective this year, these videos have offered some momentary joy and analysis.

Meanwhile, WR Tommy Christakos, who had a notable day in Saturday’s scrimmage, has kept up his form and turned Musgrave’s head all week. 

Christakos’ confidence and infectious smile were a constant feature throughout his interview. “My goal for the fall is I want to make an impact with the team,” said Christakos in one of his tamer moments. He believes that he has an advantage over the other receivers on the team because of his 6’4, 205 lb frame. 

Musgrave doesn’t deny Christakos’ claim. When the ball hovers in the air, “we feel good about our chances with Tommy,” he said. Musgrave specified that Christakos can play both split end and flanker and that Christakos’ main area for improvement is in run blocking.