Cal Football is the worst team in the Pac-12

And—according to the Colley Matrix—among the worst nationally. Hurray?

There was a point early in the season when it felt worthwhile to cover Cal’s place in the national rankings and bowl projections.

That was about to feel oh so useless, until I noticed something.

In the Colley Matrix—which ranks teams purely based on their on-field results for this season—the Golden Bears have earned the unfortunate honor of being the lowest-ranked team in the conference.

Last week, we were eleventh in the conference—but a loss to the then-twelfth team will do that to you.

We are 129th out of 136 “teams”, but six of those “teams” are groupings of FCS schools. Four of those six FCS Groups are ranked higher than us. If you throw out the FCS teams, then we’re 125th out of 130 FBS teams.

With four games left on the schedule—with 2020 bringing a stronger emphasis on the word “schedule” than ever before—let’s hope the Bears can bounce back with a few solid performances to end the year.