Camryn Bynum drafted by the Vikings

Minnesota picks Bynum in the 4th round with 20th pick

Congratulations to the newest #ProBear, Camryn Bynum! Bynum has been drafted by the Minnesota Vikings.

The former Cal cornerback will join Mike Zimmer’s defense. On the roster currently are Harrison Smith, newly signed Xavier Woods, and Patrick Peterson. Per GM Rick Spielman’s announcement, they see Cam as a safety, letting his tactical savvy and willingness to tackle shine.

Throughout his Cal career, Bynum demonstrated both a drive to continuously improve his game and an impressive moral character.

Here is Cal Rival’s recording of Cam’s draft press conference.

For Cam we have to look at the current Viking’s roster per :

With Harrison Smith entering his 9th year in the league and Xavier Woods on a 1-year deal there is a lot of opportunities for Cam to sit, learn the new position, and then take over in 2022 or in spot duty in the 2021 season.

Vikings have one of the best defensive coaches in the NFL who also happens to specialize in defensive backs, with a strong emphasis on smarts and communication on defense with Zimmer (see. Brett Kollman’s video on the Zimmer defense here). In 2020 the Vikings suffered some ignominious defensive performances and knowing the fiery and competitive nature of HC Zimmer it looks like Camryn will be a key piece in upgrading and adapting the Vikings’ defense.

We’ll continue to update this post with more information.