Has anyone seen this story? Seems less than optimal.

"The airline industry on Monday called on the Biden administration to block any 5G wireless transmission within a two mile radius of airport runways, citing the potential for thousands of flight cancellations and disruptions once the technology is switched on in just days.

Airlines for America, which represents most of the airline and cargo industry, warned that the 5G activation set to go live Wednesday will disrupt thousands of passengers and cargo shipments despite workarounds put into place by the Federal Aviation Administration to minimize interference where possible."


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I’m new to this site, and trying to figure it out. My early impressions:

A. Great football articles and discussions

B. ok MBB articles and discussions

C. Zero WBB articles and discussions

D. I haven’t been here long enough to tell but occasional good other sports coverage (women’s gymnastics article was very good), but little discussion

E. DBD looks to me to be one big OT discussion (Off Topic) and by far the most discussions

I’m trying to figure this site out, but it seems to me to be a bunch of mostly Cal football fans who like to talk Cal football, but mostly just want to talk about random topics

I’m I getting this about right?

Signed, Confused

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DBD Not Official Financial Advice

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Our Crumbling Democracy

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Today in Omicron

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Other College

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