Insta-Recap & Rate the Game: Bears lose to TCU, 32-34



1st Half

Bears offense started off hot again, with a 49-yard deep pass to Kekoa Crawford. The Bears would go for it on 4th down on 4th and short, but turn the ball over on the TCU 7. Bears would get the ball back and score on a 54-yard TD pass to Trevon Clark. The Defense would make another stand and stifle the TCU offense for another punt. Daniel Scott would score after picking off Max Duggan and running it into the endzone for the 8-yard score. TCU would answer with a 30-Yard TD Pass from Duggan to Conwright. Garbers would answer with a 68-yard pass to set up a 7-yard TD pass to Nikko Remigio. TCU would score on a 50-yard run to end the first half. Bears up 19-14.

2nd Half

TCU would come out of the half and score a 7-Yard TD pass from Duggan to Johnston to cap off a 75 yard, 15-yard drive. Cal would get some stops, but the offense would struggle to gain any meaningful yards to get into scoring range. Bears would take the lead again after a 3:53 drive on 9 plays for 80 yards. Damien Moore would run it in from 12 yards out. The defense would give up a 45 yard TD pass to Quentin Johnston from Max Duggan, and the Bears losing the lead with 9:53 left in the game. The Bears would answer back with a TD run from Damien Moore, but were unable ton convert the 2PT try or stop them on defense from running out the clock to end the game.

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