Insta-Recap & Rate the Game: Bears drop a stinker to Wazzu, 6-21

That was not fun.


1st Half

The Bears went down early in the first quarter 6-14. Including a muffed snap on an extra point and blocking a punt by Wazzu, that would be recovered and rushed for the 1st down. The offense looked uninspired and the defense couldn't tackle on first contact. Nate Rutchena in his first snaps as a Cal player picked off de Laura to set up the Bears on the Wazzu 30. Bears would be unable to do anything with it and after 2 sacks, throw an interception on 4th and 14. de Laura would go deep on the following drive to be picked off by Daniel Scott, his third interception this season. Bears would punt but a 4th down stop would give them one more shot before the end of the half. Bears would sputter to a punt after converting to get one 1st down. Wazzu would run out the clock to go into the half with a 6-14 lead

2nd Half

Ummmmm about that….

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