Jared Goff traded to Detroit, Tosh Lupoi joins Urban Meyer in Jacksonville

Late-breaking Cal in the NFL news!

After a half-decade in Los Angeles, Jared Goff is headed to the Motor City. The Detroit Lions traded Matthew Stafford to Los Angeles in exchange for Goff and draft picks.

After being drafted with the #1 overall pick in 2016 (the second Cal Bear ever to be drafted first, behind Steve Bartkowski), Goff had a very impressive win-loss record in Los Angeles, going 42-27 (42-20 in the last four years), never logging a losing season after the arrival of Sean McVay to the Rams. Goff went 13-3 in 2018, leading the Rams to an NFC Championship and a loss to the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

However, offensive line woes seemed to slow Goff’s production in 2019, and although he completed passes at a high rate the past two seasons, his yards per attempt and touchdown-to-interception ratio deeply declined.

Ultimately, the Rams are in win-now mode, wanted a veteran at quarterback with still plenty in the tank, and needed to shed cap space to try and fill in roster gaps. The Lions are definitely not in win-now mode, are ready to rebuild, and at 26 years old, Goff could be that bridge to the future.

Regardless, Jared has two years of guaranteed money left on his contract, totalling around $43 million. The Lions will likely give Goff a shot to succeed in the next two years, then figure out where to go from here.

In some other news, the seventh year of Tosh Lupoi-to-Cal rumors proved to be as fruitless as the last six.

With an opening appearing on the Cal coaching staff, and Lupoi recently being let go from the Atlanta Falcons, there was some chatter (wishcasting?) that there would be an attempt to try and bring him back to his alma mater. At this point though, it seems Lupoi is more comfortable working up his professional credentials as he takes on his third NFL job in three years (started in Cleveland, then Atlanta, now Jacksonville).