Predict the 2020 Cal Football Season

In which we finally break the streak of predicting 7-win seasons.

Memorial Stadium is going to look a little different this season…

Hello there. Things certainly have changed since we last had one of these biannual season prediction articles. Since revisiting the 2019 season, Cal installed a new offense, several Pac-12 teams saw major departures of coaches and players, your handsome writers jumped ship from CGB to Write for California, an unprecedented pandemic halted college football and pretty much everything else across the globe, a bunch of Pac-12 players declared for the NFL draft, college football eventually started coming back, some of those draft declarers decided to return, and now we have a tentative Pac-12 football season. Judging by how things have gone in the NFL and various college football conferences, things will almost certainly not go as planned (due to covid outbreaks and some extreme variance in team performances from week to week). Nevertheless, we’ll do our best to predict how these games will unfold.

This is our 11th season (!) conducting these preseason predictions, but I’ll give a quick overview for our new readers (which is technically all of you since this is a new site). For each game in Cal’s schedule, I want you to give us your predictions for how likely the Bears are to win that game. We use a 0-100 scale, so if you think the game is a toss-up, put 50. If it’s an absolutely certain win, put 100. And so on. You can access the form here (same Google Forms format as previous seasons):

Get your predictions in by the end of the month and we’ll tally up the results and share them ahead of the season opener. Thanks for participating!