Rob's Bear Log: What decisions does Cal Football have to make when filling the defensive coaching vacancy?

Unsure where we go, but we have options

With the impending departure of Co-DC and OLB coach Tim DeRuyter to Oregon, the Bears now have a position to fill and a decision on their hands with what to do with the co-DC role.

By no means is this article to provide any coaching hot board or potential hirings, but to point out the possible options that I see are available to the staff right now.

  1. The Bears rid of the Co-DC title, hand all DC duties to Peter Sirmon and hire an OLB coach

    Probably the most logical and realistic option here. After the switch of roles between TDR and Sirmon last year, it makes sense that Wilcox would opt for this. Some more of the prep duties can be handed off to the assistant coaches with Wilcox also adding to the game prep himself if needed. Adding in some new blood into the room with the “glory position” according to the defensive staff might bode well for the Bears, possibly even adding some recruiting prowess. Recruiting ability seems to be the direction with the position coaches as seen with recent hires in McClure and Yates.

  2. The Bears maintain the Co-DC role, promote someone from on the staff for that role and hire an OLB coach

    This could also be an interesting move. The only reason I would see this move is to make sure we keep one of our assistant coaches that we think may be looked at by other programs soon. The added role would increase their pay and ability to maintain a competitive salary for their original position. One name I would look out for if they were to go this route is DL Andrew Browning. He looks like a stud coach in the making and this upcoming season could be a good barometer of if he’s ready to take that next step as a talent developer.

  3. Promote a QC coach or assistant to the OLB coach role

    Browning was a prime example of how Wilcox is not afraid to promote from within to maintain as much continuity. The Bears have had significant turnover in the coaching staff in the past two seasons. This option could be to limit the number of new faces, with an internal promotion to maintain the culture, ideas, and strategy of the current program. I actually wouldn’t mind this as well as it adds to the building of coaching culture in the program and that they’re always cultivating coaching talent.

  4. Hire a Co-DC and OLB to slot right into the role of DeRuyter

    Outside of option 1/2, this is the most likely choice in my opinion. This allows us to keep the financial flexibility invested in a key position coach for the scheme, and allows us to bring in a new face with experience instead of trying to take a swing at up and coming talent. I will not name the person that most Cal fans are ALREADY talking about…BUT. It does make A LOT of sense. He’s coached the position, he’s a dynamic recruiter and he has major ties to the school and state.

  5. Major coaching shakeup

    I severely doubt this happens and put it close to 0.0000001%, but until a hire is made who knows? Also, where is the fun in doing hypotheticals if you don’t throw in a chaos option? It could be a change in roles, position groupings change, coaches moving to new positions, but this could be an option to manage what the open coaching position eventually becomes. This option only comes into effect if they want to make some changes to who coaches what.

The timeline of the vacancy and hiring is going to be tricky. With spring ball around the corner, you probably want your hire in so that they can get practices in with the players, but at the same time you could decide to wait to see what other coaches, become available to you from both the college and NFL levels over the next few months. Either way. We have another very intriguing storyline to follow over the foreseeable future. Any potential options or choices you think are in the possibility? Let me know in the comments.