The Cal Mascot Alignment Chart

Easily the most important Cal content you will consume this year - NAY, decade!

We here at Write For California understand and respect the trust that you, our loyal readers, place in us. It’s why we strive all year long to bring you only the most important, timely Cal news.

For some, that might be the latest Cal athletes to make the Olympics, or the latest recruit to commit to play for our Bears.

But some of our readers have been clamoring for hard hitting analysis, which is why I’m here today. The crucial question we face? How might one define an appropriate mascot for the University of California?

Thus, without further delay, we present to you the Cal Mascot Alignment Chart™

Are you a 100% purist, and thus believe that only the sadly extinct subspecies of Grizzly Bear that once roamed California is the one and only true Cal mascot?

Or are you an agent of chaos who would argue that anything that can vaguely be construed as a bear counts for mascot purposes?

And where would Oski, the most enigmatic of bears, fit into the alignment chart?

Note that the examples above are 100% correct, but not comprehensive. Feel free to substitute your favorite international bear in place of the Giant Panda, whether you’re a Sun Bear fan or a Spectacled Bear fan. You can replace Yogi with Fozzie or Smokey, Paddington with Baloo or Winnie the Pooh.

And where do you fall, Cal fans? How broad are you willing to stretch your definition of ‘Golden Bear’ to appropriate Cal rooting avatars?