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Being a Cal fan, even in times of prosperity, is never easy--but it's a unique and noble pursuit that bonds us for life, and compels us to shout 'Go Bears' at strangers in faraway locales and stay loud, proud and unbowed in the face of logic and disappointment. If you're not one of us, you wouldn't understand. If you bleed blue and gold, or strive to figure out what makes us tick, the fine folks at Write For California are there to serve as your roadmap... and cover the hell out of Cal sports like a bear suffocating a tree. - Mike Silver.

We are a California Golden Bears site for fans, by fans. You may be familiar with our past work at California Golden Blogs. As of March 2020, this website is our latest home.

If you’re brand new to this website and have no idea who we are or what we’re about, here’s a quick primer.

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A community for California Golden Bears, about the California Golden Bears, made by California Golden Bears.



Third-generation Cal Bear. I generally do scouting analysis and attempt to entertain the unwashed masses of the DBD.

Nick Kranz 

University of California class of 2007 and 4th generation Golden Bear

Ruey Yen 

Cal alum '04 Twitter: @yrueyyen

Piotr Le 

Piotr T Le, Class of 2014, Economics and Political Economics. He will be writing about sports and stats, with a passionate, and unwaveringly Cal oriented bent.

Alex Khalifa

Founder of Southern California Baseball Contributor to Write for California twitter.com/goodguyinsports

Christopher Zheng 

"Garbers, did he get away? He does. GARBERS... IS GOING TO SCORE. Cal has the lead" @thechriszheng

Erik Johannessen 

A Cal fan for twenty years now, I co-founded CGB in 2006 as "ragnarok" because I was bored and wanted a place to discuss Cal Sports online.

Rob Hwang 

Part of the highly touted freshman class of Jahvid Best, Shane Vereen, Alex Morgan. Twitter: @rob11hwang

Avinash Kunnath 

Write For California site czar. Golden Blogs alum. Go Bears Forever.

Rick Chen 

Covering breaking news and the business and culture of college athletics and sports-betting


Bay Area boy who still supports Cal despite attending Santa Clara

Christopher Helling 

i.e. christopher_h, Cal Mathematics 2011. Devout Cal fan, sports bettor, and avid Pac-12 football observer.


Cal grad '93.