Who is the Cal men's basketball player of the decade?

Let's nominate the hoopers that defined excellence for the Bears in the 2010s.

As we continue to roll through our posts that completely ignore the existence of the year 2020, we get ready to nominate more posts!

The moment has come to make your submissions for the Cal basketball player of the decade! We have a few ideas WHICH players will make the top of this list, but our order has yet to be decided for determining the best player.

Submit a nominee in the comments section, and give us a reason as to why! We’ll include the best comments from YOU in our top player submissions posts.

When ranking the best players, we’ll end up evaluating the best on the list with the following criteria.

  • Talent: Which players caused the most difficulty for our opponent?

  • Achievement: Did these players leave an indelible impression during their time at Cal? What did they accomplish as Bears?

  • Legacy: What impact did they leave on the program.

Any players who played from 2010-19 in a Cal uniform qualify.

Here’s a look at the players who I’m happy to never ever see Cal play again

  • Momo Jones. Never ever want to see this dude pull-up from three at any point in my life.

  • Andrew Zimmermann. Remember when this Furd took a Pac-12 title away from us.

  • Chasson Randle. Remember when this other Furd took another Pac-12 title away from us.

  • The Oregon State 1-3-1 zone defense. Somehow, it always encouraged Cal to do bizarre and mean things to its fans and the game of basketball.

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