Happy Holidays, Cal Fans!

And we give an early, not-so-fond farewell to 2020

It’s been one hell of a year, hasn’t it? It’s been 10.5 months since we launched this very website, and things haven’t exactly gone great for Cal athletics. Of course, circumstances haven’t been great for much of the world, so why should Cal be any different?

Trying to keep up with shifting football schedules, covering a fractured, farcical four game schedule, seeing Olympic sports get cancelled left and right . . . little in 2020 has been fun from a fandom perspective. ‘Real’ life has hit us hard with bracing tragedy.

The end of the year is inevitably a time to reflect. In tough times, I’ve leaned harder into the friends I’ve made in the Cal community. Whether you’re somebody I’ve had the pleasure of high-fiving in Memorial Stadium, a twitter conversationalist, a frequent WFC commenter, or one of the legion of anonymous lurkers, thanks for taking part in something fun with the rest of us.

This website probably won’t be hopping with new stories over the next few days, in part because there’s no Cal basketball until New Year’s Eve, and in part because all of us writers are catching a breather during the holidays.

Here’s to a 2021 that returns so many touchstones of our fan calendar, and returns chances to gather, whether it’s at a Cal game, or at a bar with friends with the game on the big screen.

For now, a best wishes to you and yours as 2020 ends and 2021 begins. Go Bears!