Introducing the WFC tournament for our second-favorite Pac-12 mascot

Who's playing Oski's second fiddle?

When you’re starved for content, nothing fits better than a weekly series that requires minimal input from the writers.

Thus, we introduce the bracket for the WFCommunity’s second-favorite Pac-12 mascot.

The WFC writers determined the seeding of the eleven mascots by internal vote. Despite having 47 writers on staff, we have no writers—so we only got votes from six.

Note that we are generally referring to costumed mascots with two exceptions—Colorado’s Ralphie the buffalo and USC’s Traveler the horse. I forgot that Washington has a live mascot as well, so my apologies for the oversight.

So, here is the bracket:

Template for bracket from

We’ll have three first-round games with the six mascots that earned the lowest rankings; the five highest-seeded teams earned a first-round bye and are sitting pretty this week.

The number-one seed was nigh-unanimously Ralphie. I was the sole dissenter, placing her at second—though I do adore her. Shockingly, the Stanfurd Tree managed to earn one vote other than eleventh, which was sixth! We also had a tie between Harry the Husky and Swoop that coincidentally would determine the difference between a first-round bye or not. We settled this by a direct vote between the two—which Swoop overwhelmingly won to give him a slightly easier path.

Unfortunately, Substack does not have polling functionality, so all votes will be conducted on Twitter—follow us on that garbage platform at @WriteForCal. The tweets will go live by noon PT today and I’ll post the links in here when they’re ready. Let us know how you feel about who should win the first-round match-ups (here or on Twitter) so we can fill up content when we reveal the winners next week.

#8 Traveler vs. #9 Wilbur and Wilma Wildcatvote now!

#6 Harry the Husky vs. #11 The Treevote now!

#7 Sparky vs. #10 Joe and Josie Bruinvote now!