Updated: Cal Football 2021 Roster Tracker

It's going to be a confusing off-season, but we're here to help you keep track of everything

New year, new roster

This is going to be, by a wide margin, the most confusing and chaotic off-season in modern college football history.

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NCAA decided that the 2020 season would not count against a player’s four years of eligibility. But allowing players an extra year of eligibility would be borderline useless if schools were still limited to 85 scholarship players on a roster, and so the NCAA also announced that, for 2021 only, the 85 roster limit will be waived.

To further complicate things, the NCAA has instituted a transfer waiver, meaning that nobody will have to sit out if they elect to transfer.

For the best summary of these short-term decisions and the murky long term impacts, I would strongly recommend you read this Pete Thamel article. The super quick summary? The NCAA is still limiting how many scholarship players an NCAA team can recruit in one season, which means that hundreds of players entering the transfer portal may never get a destination, and teams may struggle badly managing their roster once the 2021 waiver to go beyond 85 scholarship players expire.

It’s impossible to say how this impacts Cal, but in the short term one big question is what Cal’s seniors will do with their extra year of eligibility. We have already started to get announcements from players on the roster.

We’re going to do our best to keep you up to date on the comings-and-goings, and as such this post will be updated as roster news is announced. As you’ll likely note, the list below assumes that non-seniors will be returning to Berkeley for the 2021 season until we hear otherwise.

Seniors who have announced they are returning

LB Kuony Deng
DB Elijah Hicks
OL Michael Saffell
RB Marcel Dancy
LB Cam Goode
DB Josh Drayden

Seniors who have announced they are leaving

DL Zeandae Johnson (NFL Draft)
DB Camryn Bynum (NFL Draft)
FB Drew Schlegel (transfer)
OL Jake Curhan (NFL Draft)
QB Devon Modster (transfer)
RB Bradrick Shaw (transfer)

Seniors who have not publicly announced a decision

WR Trevon Clark (left team mid-season for personal reasons but still listed on the roster)
WR Kekoa Crawford
OL Valentino Daltoso
OL Gentle Williams

Non-seniors who have announced they are leaving

WR Makai Polk (transfer to Mississippi St.)
WR Jeremiah Hawkins (transfer to Texas State)
OL Poutasi Poutasi (transfer)
DL Gabe Cherry (transfer)
FB Zach Angelillo (grad transfer)

Transfer Arrivals

DB Raymond Woodie (transfer from Florida St.)